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Elevate Your Consciousness

Jahlibyrd’s quest and code is to provide a full spectrum, enhanced conscious experience through the evolution of cannabis.

Made With Love

We believe that only the highest standards earn the highest respect and if you keep your eyes on your craft the world will too.

Crafted for Luxury

Jahlibyrd stands for something bigger, creativity, research, experimentation, education, and superior craftsmanship. Jahlibyrd is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle.

Innovative & Unparalleled

We embrace cutting edge innovation, unparalleled craftsmanship, and luxurious quality. To reach great heights, you need deep roots.

Strain Specific, Full Spectrum Concentrates

The Jahlibyrd Map

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Celebrity Endorsements

  • “Jahlibyrd has that fire! We’re stoked to be working with them and really dig what these guys are about!”
    Jay Smiles from The Movement
  • “The smoothest most relaxing high I’ve had in 30 years”
    Pooh Man
  • "Jahlibyrd gives me inspiration in the studio and good vibes on stage. Good herbs grown by good people."
    Gary Dread Music from The Movement
  • “Jahlibyrd is fire, I’ve never seen or smoked anything like this before. The nose, the feel and the high, this is next level.”
    Junyer King, from Common Kings

Our Community

  • ztron

    "JAHLIBYRD will treat you right. The Genesis strain is floral and sweet, and delicious for an afternoon smoke. I've bought the vape cartridges and tried the wax and sugar wax, both are great. What I really love from this farm, is their own JAHLIBYRD Nightshade strain. This is everything I look for in a strain. Visually: It's a beautiful darkly colored purple flower that you glints white under light due to the heavy amount of crystals! Aroma: Also a floral strain, with some fruitiness and spiciness to it. Taste: DELICIOUS. This is the perfect balance of sweet and smooth flavors. Never have I had a bud that tasted like plum in my Pax vape and in the smoke of a joint, but what a great flavor indeed. Effect: Relaxed, carefree, but not dumb. You can work or you can sleep, it flows with you and delivers good vibes! I'll definitely be getting the top shelf Nightshade again, these buds were phenominal. Seriously!”

  • GreenGolfGuy21

    "??Fire Alert!! ?? I was going over at a friends house soon after I had my second back surgery. She is a legal medicinal user and told me that she had something for me to try- I tried the dark Nightshade by JAHLIBYRD strain and ‘whoosh ‘ my pain was gone and I slept like a baby. I have no idea why I hadn’t tried them sooner. Don’t waste your money on OLD FLOWERS at your local collectives, the first chamber I filled in my vaporizer got clogged from the resin and had to be cleaned twice. So, so much vapor. I can’t wait to buy more in the future, (when I have a grip on my medical bills) JAHLIBYRD is straight fire. You won’t be disappointed!"

  • Natvsdgal2

    "I am thrilled to find a company who's integrity shows in their products!"

  • Pjam619

    “Hands down, favorite farm. Friendly staff, clever air tight packaging, but the best part, their product and consistency. I've tried 5 different strains from this company and never been disappointed.”

  • Donrnunez

    “These guys are a great ... The top shelf is super smooth and stoney as heck ... I'd recommend to anyone.”

  • Lodiisburning

    "Excellent indica for pain management. The quality can't be beat."


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